Week 4 – Give


– 3 minutes –

“Giving, I would say, has carried over into other areas of my life and my families life. We get our first paycheck and we send the money. We don’t wait to see what’s left. I think you start to realize that you need to just be content with what you have.”


– 3 minutes –

2 Corinthians 8:7

Since you excel in so many ways – in your faith, your gifted speakers, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, and your love from us – I want you to excel also in this gracious act of giving.


– Read together –

All financial decisions are spiritual decisions. That statement tends to make most of us squirm. It’s easier to compartmentalize a portion or a tithe without giving spiritual thought to how we spend the balance. We might think: I did my duty – I gave God his share, the rest is mine to use how I see fit. The Bible mentions money and possession often – 2350 times often. Our financial wisdom and generosity is important to the One who gives to us so wisely and generously.
We aren’t commanded to take a vow of poverty, but we also can’t place God on the shelf as we finalize our budget. Honor him with all you have while you enjoy the abundance he so graciously gives.


– 12 minutes –

Take a few moments to revisit The Giving Guide as a group. Review the action items under each category and have each group member complete the action card.

If I am a consumer (self-focused, impulsive, or idle)
  • Who do you know that is generous? Get coffee with them to discuss their giving motivation and practices.
  • Last year, almost 1000 people made first time gifts to Grace Church. Join that group and see what happens.
If I am a casual giver (sporadic, detached, passive)
  • Why do I treat my financial gifts differently than my other monthly expenses?
  • Revisit your budget. Prioritize your giving in the same way you would your other monthly expenses. Give it a line item and follow through.
If I am a reluctant giver (fearful, requires an ask, unimaginative)
  • What fears keep me from giving consistently?
  • Last year, almost 1000 people made first time gifts. We encourage you to do the same. You can easily give online through your MyGrace account. If you don’t have a MyGrace account, you can create one here. Some benefits of online giving include:
      • Helps to guard against forgetfulness.
      • Planning and budgeting is easier for the church.
      • Lessens the church’s administrative work.
      • It is safe.
      • It is convenient.
If I am an intentional giver (thoughtful, joyful, invested)
  • How much house is enough? What kind cars, toys and vacations and savings accounts will foster contentment. The answers to these questions are unique to you. What if you placed a cap on spending and saving?  What if you decided that every additional dollar above that cap goes toward the Kingdom and courageous giving? What could that look like for your family?
  • Consider setting a lifetime generosity goal (a specific number) for your family’s Kingdom giving over the course of your life.
If I am a courageous giver (reckless, eternally focused, motivated, expectant)
  • Find context to share your story to inspire the next generation of courageous givers.
  • Complete estate planning that accurately reflects Kingdom priorities.  If you are interested in learning more about estate planning, please email Scott Mozingo at [email protected]