Parenting is above all else, an exercise in leadership and dependence on God. We must resist the temptation to look for an overly precise and clear pathway of biblical parenting that will guarantee specific outcomes for our children and teens. Conversely, we can’t be lazy and settle for whatever parenting style we think is best. The Bible gives us some vital wisdom related to parenting at all ages, but this must also be accompanied by intellectual and spiritual rigor. This rigor embraces the challenge of helping the next generation of image bearers become all that God intends for them. This page features some resources that are best used in biblical community to help further our important calling as parents.

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Relationships between husbands and wives, children and their parents, are bursting with hot-button issues. Family has all the marks of a cultural crisis. Within that fog of questions and confusion regarding family, light can indeed cut through. Far from the picture of a distantly removed god, scripture presents a loving Creator who speaks directly into the nooks and crannies of our every-day life.The series Parenting by Design peers into how God personally and strategically designs parenting to further his glory. His plan also lays down a blueprint, which invites us to nurture and launch the next generation for his fame and our flourishing.


Proverbs offers wise counsel for the young and old on all matters of everyday life situations and relationships. This wisdom covers a vast array of topics and is founded upon “a fear (reverence) of the Lord.” (Proverbs 1:1)

Anxiety - Students

Worry, stress, and fear transcend all generations. However, statistics show anxiety in teenagers to be at an all-time high. What causes our anxiety? How does the gospel free us from anxiety? And what would it look like for us to cultivate a lifestyle of peace?

Sexuality & Dating - Students

In this Student Ministry series, we answer questions from our students such as: What does God have to do with sex? How do I follow Jesus with my sexuality during my teenage years? Our students are bombarded with views of sexuality from media, the Internet, their friends, and more. As the church, it is crucial we equip our students with a biblical worldview of sexuality and dating. In this series we are training our students on how to lead themselves and others to embrace God’s created purpose for our sexuality.



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