Historical Significance
  • The austere, black basalt church, just east of the Church of the Multiplication, is built on the water’s edge, over a flat rock known as Mensa Christi (the Table of Christ). 1
  • This Franciscan chapel  was built in 1933 and incorporates  an earlier 4th century church.2
Biblical Significance
  • John 21: 1-24 After Jesus’ resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples by the Sea of Galilee and present them a miraculous catch of fish. Three times Jesus asked the disciple Peter if he loved him, and after his reply of “You know that I love you,” Jesus commanded him to “Feed my sheep.”1
Political/Cultural Significance
  • Located in Tabgha. The name is an Arabic corruption of the Greek Heptaegon (Seven Springs), Tagbha is a cluster of serene holy places associated with Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee.1