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What are the steps once someone dies?

There are two sides to caring for a body and planning a funeral. There is a logistical side and a care side that our Care teams and GroupLife staff will continue to provide. Natural burial will bring these two entities together and allow the church to be most engaged in the discipleship process through death and burial.

What role, if any, does the funeral home play in this process?

We have partnered with Palmetto Mortuary to help facilitate care of the deceased before burial. Members are able to choose to use a funeral home, but it will affect the cost. The burial will need to adhere to Grace Church standards.

Do you have to be a member to be buried there?

This option is available for members and their families. It is not an open burial site for anyone.

How much does it cost a family to bury someone naturally?

The cost for natural burial is $2000. This includes opening and closing of the grave, transportation, stone or area marking, and general land upkeep.

How many people can be buried there?

A standard grave is about eight feet long and two and a half feet wide. With over 12 acres of property, thousands of people can be buried.

What are ongoing operating expenses for the church?

Expenses include some upkeep for the grounds, records of burial plots, and general maintenance once the land is purchased and laid out.

Are there cremation options?

No—our focus with natural burial is securing a resting place in the ground for a recently deceased body.

Does the church need a license to conduct natural burial?

No state license is needed for natural burial or church nature preserve.

Are other churches doing this?

Not that we know of locally.  

Are there still additional needs for this project?

Yes—we would love to have a small “pole barn” chapel on location for funeral services. There is also additional site work needed.

Do you have additional resources you can share?

Yes—we have plenty that we could share, or we would love to have a conversation with you. Please email Jennifer Dill, Funeral & Bereavement Coordinator, for questions and more information.