Leadership Culture

A ‘culture of leadership’ isn’t about your volunteer role, how long you have been attending Grace, or how many people you lead. It’s a way of thinking and living – with every leader in the church operating from a solid core of personal character, ownership of their faith and accountability for their actions. It is about developing and sustaining a corporate identity around shared values that help accomplish a mission. A leadership culture is about being challenged to steward our gifts and influence for the sake of building the church. Because of the significant weight and responsibility that you carry, we want to take this summer opportunity to equip you to better understand this culture and move it forward as a community.

Join us for a 4 week conversation around the DNA of leadership at Grace. We would love to share with you teaching, resources, tools, and stories that will enrich your leadership experience and enhance your personal spiritual formation. Topics will include these and more:

  • Leadership Values
  • Strength Based Leadership
  • Taking Care of Your Soul
  • Gender Matters
  • Grace Church Distinctives

We will be providing some online tools and suggested reading, as well as audio and video resources to help you prepare for each week’s discussion. We hope that this conversation will become an integral part of the leadership experience at Grace.

When:  Sundays, July 30, August 6, 13, 20, & 27
Time:  6:30-8:30pm
The Bleckley Inn

Session 1

Watch all 5 “Grace Church Distinctives” videos before attending the first session.

Watch Here

Session 2

Please submit Strengthfinders results:

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Read “Paul’s Hopes / Prayers / Purposes regarding his ministry to NT Churches” and make two lists:
a) record the verbs Paul uses
b) record the outcomes / expectations that Paul has for the church

Begin reading The Enemy Within for discussion on Week 3.

Session 3

Session 4