Weekend Facility Staff | Part-time

14 Dec Weekend Facility Staff | Part-time

Hours & Schedule

5 Hours a week | Weekend service hours | Weeknight hours as needed

Overall Responsibilities

We are currently in need of Weekend Facilities help at our Downtown and Pelham campuses.

Specific Responsibilities - Click for more information

  • Keep the church building in a clean and orderly condition
  • Ensure that spaces are ready for ministry: Unlocking/locking building, turning on lights, make sure HVAC is running correctly and the proper items are in the 
rooms as needed.
  • Carry campus keys and a radio with you during working hours. These will be provided by 
the church.
  • Be presentable and available at all times during worship services/events
  • Ensure the campus is closed up after the service/event to include locking buildings, turning lights off and gathering trash to be disposed of.
  • Light setups as directed by the facility manager
  • Own the cause of Grace Church by either fixing or letting someone know in a timely manner 
when you see something that is incorrect. And needs repair.


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