Establishing Authority – Facilitators

24 Mar Establishing Authority – Facilitators

When it comes to parenting, our culture is obsessed with the welfare and success of our children. We fluctuate between anxiety and control in our attempts to micromanage their lives. But what we find in Scripture is that our children are not our own, they are gifts from a faithful God who is dedicated to establishing His kingdom throughout generations. And we have been given the responsibility to raise up the next generation of godly leaders. This institute class seeks to equip parents in the process of training young children by providing a biblical parenting framework around the idea of establishing authority in young children.


Class Curriculum: Facilitator Notes


Class Curriculum: Video Teaching

Session 1: The Goal of Parenting
Session 2: Proactive Training
Session 3: Consequences and Correction
Session 4: Limiting Freedoms and Creating Structure

Question & Answer Bonus Material

Pro-Active Discipline


Corrective Discipline


Your Child’s Heart


Blended Families


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