Facilities Use Request

*After reading the following overview, please fill out the Grace Facility Request (GFR) that is linked below.

The facilities and equipment of Grace Church are available to covenant members, other Christian ministries, and community services that are determined to align with the core values of Grace. The following guidelines for the rental and subsequent use of said facilities are in no way exhaustive. They serve as a first step, providing the necessary information needed to complete the GFR. After the GFR is submitted, two steps take place:

  1. The availability of the date and time requested is determined.


  1. An employee of Grace Church reaches out to confirm or deny the availability requested and schedule a meeting to discuss details of the event further, if appropriate.

General Overview:

  1. The availability of any Grace Church facilities is subject to worship services and programming previously scheduled. To ensure that there is adequate space for church activities, Grace Church does not approve requests for outside groups any earlier than four months before the requested date. It is recommended that the GFR is submitted no later than three weeks before the event.


  1. The following specifies what spaces are available to use, the capacity of each space, and the flat usage fee for up to four hours. The flat usage fee covers utilities, capital expenses, wear and tear, etc.


Campus Space Capacity Usage Fee
Pelham Worship Center 200-700 $400
Pelham Student Center 300 $150
Pelham Betty Building 250 $135
Pelham North End 100 $70
Pelham Large Children’s Room 80 $50
Pelham Small Children’s Room 20 $20
Powdersville Worship Center 200-500 $200
Powdersville Multipurpose Room 100 $70
Powdersville Small Children’s Room 12-16 $20
Powdersville Large Children’s Room 40 $30
Harrison Bridge Worship Center 400 $200
Harrison Bridge South End 80 $50
Harrison Bridge Large Children’s Room 40 $30
Spartanburg Worship Center 300 $150
Spartanburg Multipurpose Room 30 $20
Downtown Worship & Balcony 500 $200
Downtown Fellowship Hall 100 $70
Downtown Large Children’s Room 40 $30
Downtown Small Children’s Room 20 $20
Taylors Gym Depends Depends
Taylors Worship Center 500 $200
Taylors Student Center Worship Center 200 $100
Taylors Multipurpose Room 70 $50
Taylors Small Children’s Room 12-16 $20
Anderson Worship Center 300 $150
Anderson Multipurpose Room 40 $30
Anderson Large Children’s Room 25 $20
Anderson Small Children’s Room 10 $20
Greer Worship Center 250 $135
Greer Multipurpose Room 50 $35
Greer Large Children’s Room 30 $25
Greer Small Children’s Room 10 $20
Travelers Rest Worship Area 500 $200
Travelers Rest Small Children’s Room 12-20 $20
Travelers Rest Large Children’s Room 100-140 $70
Travelers Rest The Dock $50
Travelers Rest Multipurpose Rooms 100-120 $70
Travelers Rest Small Multipurpose Room 30 $25
*Rental fees are subject to change if drastic set-up or tear-down is required.


  1. In addition to the usage fee, all events are required to pay a maintenance fee of $15 per hour, for a minimum of three hours. If A/V is needed, there is a $35 per hour rate (half-hour increments after the first hour). All A/V must be set-up and operated by a Grace Church trained A/V technician.


  1. If the GFR is approved, lessee of the facilities is required to sign a Release of Indemnity Agreement and the Facility Rental and Usage Agreement. Both of these forms are provided at the meeting following the approval of availability.


  1. Point of Contact: SJ Dorcely | [email protected] | (864) 284-0122